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“ Travel the world, network, meet new successful individuals who have versatile goals that may align with yours – you will forever feel inspired!”

— Jessica Bhola

SAPNA Toronto continues to connect with enthusiastic, unique, and creative professionals. Meet Jessica Bhola, a cheerful and bubbly professional who is packaged with finance, fashion, and flare.  Our first interaction with Jessica was at our launch event in March 2014 when she represented her fashion identity with the Satya Paul Canada team.  Jessica’s goals and aspirations continue to peak, and the future is just getting brighter for her.



Jessica’s track record of achievements stretches back to her days as a youngster (although it wasn’t that long ago).  She was granted a scholarship when entering university and was selected to participate in the International Youth Leadership Conference which was held in Prague, Czech Republic in 2007.  Her leadership skills accelerated when she became a teaching assistant during her undergraduate years.


SAPNA Toronto's Launch, March 2014

SAPNA Toronto’s Launch, March 2014

Jessica’s professional background started when she completed her degree at the University of Toronto (U of T) followed by her marketing advancements with such companies as Rogers, HomeEquity Bank, The Walt Disney Company, and The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).  Jessica’s ambition continues to multiply with her community involvement with volunteering, while returning back to U of T by facilitating lectures on such topics as e-commerce and digital marketing.  In tandem with her efforts, Jessica established herself as a passionate realtor.  This career move became inevitability from her father being a mortgage specialist along with her love of design, décor, and luxury property.

In addition to her career aspirations, Jessica is also an artistic individual who stays close to her cultural roots.  This loveable Hindu Punjabi is no stranger in the fashion world, and has been a part of reputable pageants and fashion events while showcasing the latest styles.  Most specifically, she competed in the 2011 Miss India Canada pageant and was awarded Miss Congeniality.

You might have also noticed Jessica in other outstanding performances.  Jessica is an active part of the Shiamak Davar Dance Team, and she was recently featured in Jus Reign’s “Nach Billo” music video (look my strong!).  In addition to her artistic flare, Jessica enjoys singing, drawing, and has a strong appreciation for the fine arts.


Jessica is labeled as a ‘triple threat’ by being a marketer, Realtor, and fashionista, but she remains focused by developing greater goals for herself.  Within the next 5 years, she aims to complete her MBA then transition herself to becoming a business professor at a highly accredited institution.

Jessica plans to continue her journey by being an avid traveler while being intuitive to the professional networking sphere.  She states “it is important to experiment in life; if something doesn’t work out, it’s a lesson on figuring out what is right with you.  Exploring helps you find yourself – you will make mistakes, fail, and try again and these are all traits of a successful person. The key is not to give up!”

To learn more about Jessica, visit her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jessicaforesthill


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